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In Bubble Struggle (old Bubble Trouble), one plays as a devil character dressed in a trenchcoat, yellow T-shirt and bright orange shorts. The object of the game is to destroy dangerous bubbles by splitting them into smaller components and finally destroying them all together.
Bubble Struggle (original Bubble Trouble)

Pop & avoid bubbles in this classic arcade.


Name change: First released under the name 'Bubble Trouble'. After receiving copyright infringement email (name was copyrighted), I quickly renamed the game to 'Bubble Struggle' simply because I wanted an original name.

Character: Over the years I have heard different explanations what the character in the game is. A Cat, a pig, an alien... By the way - What do you think it is? ... The character is in fact a little devil. Paying hommage to the playful/devilish side in all of us.

Idea: I got the idea for Bubble Trouble years after playing Capcom's Superpang game on the arcade machines (coins and all!).

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